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    Per the U.S. Surgeon General, you cannot be healthy without oral
    health. Oral health means more than just healthy teeth. It means that
    all the tissues of the mouth, face, and head are healthy, including:
        * Teeth,
        * Gums (gingiva),
        * Tissues that line the mouth and throat,
        * Hard and soft palates,
        * Salivary glands,
        * Tongue,
        * Lips,
        * Chewing muscles,
        * Upper and lower jaws,
        * Facial nerves, which allow people to speak and express emotion, and
        * Blood vessels that sustain the oral tissues and link the mouth with the rest of the body.
    Poor oral health can lead to:
        * Infections of the teeth (dental caries) and gums (periodontal disease)
        * Tooth loss
        * Pain and limited ability to chew or swallow
        * Increased risk for heart disease
        * For pregnant women, increased risk of pre-term or low birth weight babies
        * Difficulty in controlling diabetes and maintaining blood sugar levels
        * Time lost from work or school
        * High expenses to correct oral health problems
        * Death and disability from oral cancers
    With oral health, you are free from the numerous oral diseases and
    conditions that can diminish social interaction, self-esteem, chewing
    satisfaction, taste enjoyment and overall quality of life. The choice
    is yours…many say “yes” to oral health but fail to keep up with
    regular dental visits. What about you? Don’t put it off any longer,
    call today and get back to regular maintenance.

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